Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mud Titan?

Mud Titan is 30 obstacles 5K mud run.  Mud Titan is designed for a well-rounded experience. We have put into the run a little bit of everything. We want to test your balance, agility, strength, teamwork and endurance. Put a team together and build out the experience.

What is Tactical Titan?

Tactical Titan is 25 obstacles in a 5K challenging you with everything from wind, height, sliding, climbing, but NO MUD. It’s an experience to remember with friends. Build a team and TitanUp!

What is the Mini Titan?

Mini Mud Titan is a 1 mile 15 obstacle challenge built for mini Titan’s 6-12 years of age. This run is complete with various challenges from climbing, crawling hurdling, and jumping. Each participant receives a shirt, number and finisher medal.

Do you allow spectators?

Spectators are welcome at no extra charge

Can I do this if I've never tried?

Unless you are running the 8:20 elite wave, obstacles are optional.  It's your run.  Do/try all you'd like.  If you aren't ready to attempt, simple skip that obstacle. No penalty and no judgement.

Refunds, Team, and Transfers allowed?

All sales are final; however, you can transfer to another wave or person but not to a future event.  We encourage teams.  More memories and fun when grouped with friends. If you are coming alone, you will make friends for sure.

Time Limits and Skipping Obstacles

The average will take 90 minutes to complete the course although there is not a limit or required time.  All waves except 8:20 are open waves.  This means you can skip obstacles, walk or run. Just come and have fun!

Same Day Registrations

Walk up registrations are welcome; however, the price is definitely higher. We suggest you arrive at least one hour ahead of your wave choice.

Age Limits?

We suggest adult waves be from age 16 up; however, younger ages are allowed on the course as long as they under the direct supervison  of parents.

Do You Allow Food and Tents

Certainly.  You are welcome to bring food and drinks we just don't want any glass containers.  Personal 10x10 tents are welcome unless you are looking to sell items or market an event.  If this is the case, you'll need to register as a vendor or sponsor.

What do I need to Bring?

Two hours is a safe bet. This way any traffic issues or unforeseen circumstances will only be a pleasant obstacle on the way to much more severe forms of torture.

A signed copy of your race waiver (found on your races specific event page) and a photo ID. We recommend closed in shoes and lightweight apparel. We also recommend a plastic bag or two for your muddy clothes post-race.

What about Weather and Packet Pick-up

Unless it is lightning, we will be good to go. Obviously, there are possible cancellations: such as, mandatory evacuations or acts of God. We just don’t think that will happen.  There will be no early pick ups.  All packet pick ups will take place day of run.